Welcome to SHEM

Welcome to SHEM

We would like to invite you to join us in this vision quest towards the


  • a system of self-health education
  • a system of self health empowerment
  • a system that is built by the people and for the people
  • a system that brings back the glory of the DIVINE DESIGN of human beings (WHOLENESS)
  • a system that bolsters people’s sense of their own DIVINE magnificence(ONENESS)

The Facts

There are more diseases today than ever before
There are more medical procedures today than ever before
There are more cancer today than ever before
Health care is more expensive today than ever before

Long term health is vastly different compared to short term health.
In long term health, there is empowerment.
In short term health, there is no empowerment.
I truly believe that our body’s ability to heal itself is much much greater than anyone has permitted us to believe.

A new era of human health begins and NOW is the time for all of us to join forces together. As we begin to cooperate and imagine a better health care system, our small ripples of cooperation will someday become waves of change.

Let us share to you a brief overview of the new health care system:

Principles of the New Health Care System

  •  Health is understandable for everyone
  • Health is doable for everyone
  • Health is safe for everyone
  • Health is a human right
  • Health is affordable for everyone
  • Effective health care focuses on prevention
  • Effective health care focuses on primary health care
  • Medical research has to be under public control

The Starting Point of a New Healthcare System

  • Natural health education for people is of utmost importance
  • Everyone will understand that health and disease are determined, not at the level of organs, but at the level of millions of cells composing the body.
  • Every living room will become a space for self health empowerment. Your house is your hospital.
  • The empowered, healed and enlightened patients of today will become the wholly loving doctors of tomorrow who are on the side of the people, not on the side of industries.
  • The priority of the new health care system is the natural prevention and eradication of diseases.
  • Patient-oriented and community–based health care will improve health, extended life expectancy and reduce the need for expensive medicine.

The Goals of Self Health Empowerment Movement (SHEM)

• Main areas of activities as of now:

  1. Improving your own health and the health of others
    – Inspiring the manifestation of the new health care system, both in the grassroots level and in the private sector
  2. Promoting health education at the community and national levels
    – Self health empowering public talks and seminars
    – Self health empowering publications – Visit our Store Here
    – Strengthening our commitment to stop legislation that takes away our health choices
    – Moving for policy changes that gives us freedom to access natural health

Together We Can Manifest the Greatness of Our Being